General election 2017: Candidate statement – Fiona Green, Conservative

thumbnail_fiona-4-bikeAs part of our general election coverage The Reporter aims to publish statements from each of the candidates standing in Wythenshawe and Sale East. Today it is the turn of Conservative candidate, Fiona Green.

I have lived here for nearly 20 years, studied here, worked here and raised my family here. I care about our community. That is why I have been involved in many local voluntary projects, such as “Street Advice”.

Through my voluntary and mediation work I know that when people work with each other, they can take control of what they want to see locally, tap into local expertise and achieve great things.

I don’t drive, so understand the importance of improving our public transport and having cycle lanes where sensible. I would fight for a community-run rail link between Stockport, Northenden, Baguley and the Airport.  This would also help reduce congestion on our roads in South Manchester.

We need more affordable housing to enable people here to get on the property ladder. I support proposals to build more homes and council houses and enable tenants to purchase them after a qualifying period. We should work together as a community to ensure homes are built in the right places so our Green Spaces remain protected.

Litter affects all of us, blighting our parks and spoiling our high streets. To tackle this anti-social behaviour and protect our environment, I support resident initiatives to clear up litter. Offenders on community sentences should help councils clear up litter and fly-tipping waste.

We need to support our NHS and our great teaching hospital in Wythenshawe. I support proposals to increase mental health staff by 10,000, ensuring quicker access to services and having workers in every school trained in mental health issues.

There are wider National issues, such as continuing to meet our 2% defence spending commitment, keeping control of our budget, improving social care and maintaining pension income giving people dignity in retirement.

Conservatives introduced the National Living Wage. Nationally some 4 million people on the lowest wages no longer have to pay income tax. Both have boosted income. Unemployment has fallen substantially since 2010. However to support further job and wage growth, I would like to see Wythenshawe become a leader in the digital and scientific industry.

To achieve this we need to continue with Conservative success in improving education standards and introducing Technical A- levels. I support initiatives to help businesses and colleges work together to provide education opportunities and apprenticeships for all ages.

I would be proud to serve Wythenshawe and Sale East as its MP to help us to realise these aims.

Most of all we need a strong Conservative mandate to strengthen Theresa May’s hand in providing a strong and stable leadership in the Brexit negotiations facing the country.

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