City Council unveils plans to support residents facing Covid 19 hardship

ollerheadManchester City Council has unveiled a £7.5 million plan to support people facing hardship because of the Covid 19 outbreak.

The measures are being funded through £7.46m allocated to Manchester City Council through the Government’s Covid-19 Hardship Fund.

More than 34,000 people who already receive Council Tax Support, reducing their annual bills by up to 82.5 per cent, will have a further £150 chopped off their bill for 2020/21. It means, for example, that someone living on their own in a Band A property and receiving full Council Tax Support would have nothing to pay this year.

It is anticipated that the £150 should be paid into the majority of these accounts in the next two weeks.

Some £5.63 million has been set aside for this element of support, including a contingency amount to cover potential new claimants as well as existing recipients of Council Tax Support.

In addition, the Council has allocated a further £1.8 million to boost the support available to the most in-need residents:

● £700,000 to help pay for lunchtime meals for school age children who already get free school meals, or whose families fall into hardship. For free school meals this applies until Monday 20 April when it is replaced by the national scheme. The Council scheme is bridging the gap, including over the Easter Holidays.

● £500,000 for emergency Council Tax Support for people facing hardship who may not be eligible for the existing scheme.

● £200,000 to support emergency food provision

● £200,000 to support carers

● £200,000 to enhance the Council’s existing Welfare Provision Scheme which provides emergency cash grants to households in urgent need.

Councillor Carl Ollerhead, Executive Member for Finance, said: “This is a tough period for a lot of people, especially those who were already struggling to make ends meet. We are determined to do all we can as a council to help people get through it.

“This almost £7.5m package of support measures, designed to be accessible quickly to those who need them, is a prime example of that commitment. It will benefit tens of thousands of Manchester’s most economically vulnerable people and make a real difference.”

To find out more about the different schemes and the support available visit:

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