Machete-wielding Wythenshawe robbers who terrorised shop worker are jailed

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Two Wythenshawe men have been jailed after threatening a shop worker in Northern Moor with a machete during a robbery.

Wayne Clarkson, and Carl Hayburn, both aged 42, of Shrivenham Walk, Manchester were found guilty at an earlier hearing and were sentenced at Manchester Crown Court on Tuesday 26 November 2013.

Both were jailed for seven years.

Just after 8.45pm on Wednesday 10 July 2013, both Clarkson and Hayburn walked into the Spar Store on Moorcroft Road, Northern Moor wearing balaclavas.

One of them was holding a machete and walked up to the counter where a 28-year-old man was serving a customer. He was ordered to open the tills and both men took just over£300.

They took four boxes of tobacco before they left.

They were later arrested after returning to a house on Moor Lane where they discarded the clothes they were wearing and the money they had stolen.

Detective Andy Bromley from Wythenshawe INPT said: “Although no one was hurt during the robbery, both men showed extreme aggression and threatened the shop worker with a machete.

“Both victim and the customer who happened to be in the shop at the time were understandably terrified and did not know whether they would be hurt in anyway.

“Clarkson and Hayburn got rid of the clothes they had used in the robbery and left them at the house. When the clothes were examined, tobacco that had been stolen from the shop was found in a coat pocket and the money was recovered.

“Now both are behind bars and paying for the terror they caused their victims.”

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