Wythenshawe MP explains why he abstained in welfare vote

kaneWythenshawe MP, Mike Kane has explained why he abstained in the vote on the government’s Welfare Reform and Work Bill which will impose a £20,000 a year benefit cap on families.

And the Labour MP has vowed to continue to push for changes to the bill when it reaches at the next stage in parliament.

He told the Wythenshawe reporter: “There are some measures in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill which we support and some measures which we oppose. I do not think it is in the interests of my constituents to vote against measures such as 3 million apprenticeships, cuts in council rents, support for troubled families and loans for mortgage interest.

“We will however now be seeking in the Committee stage to heavily amend the Bill to try and prevent the Government from doing things like abolishing targets for reducing child poverty and cutting to support for the sick and disabled who are not fit for work.”

“I and my Labour colleagues will vote against the tax credit cuts which will make three million low and middle income working families worse off. These measures are not in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill – they will be in statutory Instruments in the autumn, and I will oppose them.”

The bill was opposed by 48 Labour MPs, who defied an order from their acting party leader Harriet Harman not to vote.

Mr Kane voted for a Labour bid to halt the bill whilst supporting the benefit cap. But when the amendment was defeated, the MP remained neutral and abstained in the final vote on the bill.

One thought on “Wythenshawe MP explains why he abstained in welfare vote”

  1. Lame excuses by a Tory-lite. The people of Wythenshawe haven’t yet realised the implications of their MP failing to vote against welfare reforms. Mr Kane voted in favour of a welfare cap and consistently supports raising alcohol taxes.
    Local residents and businesses will bear the brunt of the failures of our MP to protect his electorate.

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