Clean-up at Gorse Covert as councillor slams litter-bugs

Pic: Twitter

Wythenshawe councillor, Tommy Judge has slammed litter bugs who dumped rubbish at a local beauty spot where children play.

Cllr Judge joined a team of volunteers who sprang into action at the weekend to mount a clean-up operation to clear Gorse Covert after it was reported that a large amount of rubbish had been dumped at the site.

A team from Wythenshawe Waste Warriors, Friends of Gorse Covert took part in the clean-up on Saturday morning.

An officer was called to Gorse Cover near St Elizabeth’s Primary School on February 28th to investigate an environmental crime, following a fly-tipping incident.

And last week the officer opened 30 bags of rubbish. The officer said further investigations would be carried out to help identify the culprits after a letter was found with a nearby address.

“Why do some people think it is acceptable to dump rubbish in areas where our children play. It’s totally unacceptable,” tweeted Cllr Judge.

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