FOOTBALL: Wythenshawe Town 0 – 1 Wythenshawe Amateurs

untitledWythenshawe Town suffered their first defeat in nine games as their derby day rivals, Wythenshawe Amateurs claimed the bragging rights thanks to a goal from David Wright.

Wright scored after 20 minutes to put the visitors in front. It means the two clubs have swapped places in the league, with Ammies now in third place and Town in fifth.

The fixture, which saw a record crowd at Ericstan Park, was dedicated to anti-racist charity, Kick It Out.

Wythenshawe Town now meet Abbey Hulton for their final game of the season and Amateurs take on Barnton at home. It’s still possible for both Wythenshawe clubs to finish in the top four.

See the Wythenshawe Town website  for details of how the derby unfolded.

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