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General Election 2017: Candidate statement – Daniel Jerrome, Green Party

dan potraitAs part of our general election coverage The Reporter aims to publish statements from each of the candidates standing in Wythenshawe and Sale East. Today it is the turn of Green Party candidate, Daniel Jerrome.

I’m proud to be representing Wythenshawe and Sale East in the forthcoming General Election. As a local Green Party campaigner, I’ve spoken to thousands of local people about the issues that matter to them. They tell me about the drastic cuts to local services leaving areas neglected, the dangerous roads with little enforcement or investment, the lack of affordable housing, and an Education and NHS being sorely underfunded.

We have a chance to say no to the continued austerity imposed by this government. The Green Party seeks to provide an economy that is based on social and environmental justice. We will fight hard to maintain the EU regulations on the environment, pollution, and employment, that could be lost under a ‘Tory Hard Brexit’ and that have served to protect us.

I’m a qualified media librarian who has studied and worked in Greater Manchester over the last six years. I’m passionate about standing up for local people and delivering a Green message that offers hope. We want to make Britain a leader in renewable technologies, create a public transport system that is integrated and delivers for all. We’re also working to create a Universal Basic Income, so no person is marginalised and everyone is given a chance to contribute to our economy.

This is our chance to create a fair society with Green ideas: 500,000 new socially rented homes, stricter rules for landlords and investing in sustainable efficient housing. We will reverse the decline in the NHS and completely reverse the privatisation undertaken by Labour, the Lib Dems and Tories and make sure it is free at the point of access. Tuition fees will be scrapped giving everyone the aspirations they deserve and we need to make sure that teachers and support staff aren’t being lost due to budget cuts.

We’re investing not only in the short term but looking at decades to come, that’s why we will give 16’s and over the vote. We need your voice in helping to protect our environment, we need your support in the urgent battle to avert catastrophic climate change and we need to tell governments that we want clean air to breathe. We can prosper and protect our environment. We are the only party that consistently raises these issues. I will use my role as candidate to challenge and hold the other parties to account.

Dan Jerrome Green Party candidate for Wythenshawe and Sale East promoted by Manchester Green Party on behalf of Brian Candeland, 13 Devonshire Road, M21 8XB.