General Election 2017: Candidate statement – Mike Bayley-Sanderson, UKIP

Mike Bayley-Sanderson - UKIPAs part of our general election coverage The Reporter aims to publish statements from each of the candidates standing in Wythenshawe and Sale East. Today it is the turn of UKIP candidate, Mike Bayley-Sanderson.

Years of Austerity have brought nothing but hardship, reduced services, and cuts to all sectors. Has it achieved anything? No. Our debt levels are still rising. UKIP would divert funds from the Overseas Aid budget to put into the NHS, Social Care and Education. We would still offer Aid to those in desperate need, but to have a fixed fund which has to be used up regardless of what spent on is ridiculous when we have homeless & people living in poverty here. We need to get our own house in order.

I believe the referendum last year was a clear decision to leave the EU – We were asked ‘in’ our ‘out’ and the debate we went through clearly indicated the implications of leaving, which we voted to do. Therefore we should not be messing about with ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ debates and just get on with a complete withdrawal. This leaves us excellent opportunities for our future. Get our own county back on track by sorting out the problems with the NHS, Social Care, Education, Homelessness etc, but also venture out in the world striking new deals for business without having to get approval from the EU. Having left the EU, we will still be able to fund all projects and schemes that took funds from the EU (note, actually our money) and still have almost £200M a week to use on the NHS, Social Care, Education, Research, Infrastructure, Job creation etc etc.

I want to give voice to those who feel left behind by the destructive policies of past governments  i.e. mass uncontrolled immigration (though I accept controlled immigration is vital & needed), running down of services, a failure to maintain infrastructure, bank regulation and a failure to provide our young people with the skills & training this country needs in order to continue growing.

I believe in more social housing for those with local connections keeping families and communities together.  This will protect people as secure tenancies will take away the instability of private rented properties, which will have a direct knock-on effect on reducing the unnecessary homeless crisis. However, I am against greenbelt development. Past generations protected them and it’s our duty to protect it for the future. Only brownfield sites must be developed.

I fully support a better funded educational system, where the people who teach are included in policy making.  I would scrap HS2 and use the ~£80 billion from that to fund the education system.  I support Grammar Schools, but I think the means in which selection is undertaken and communicated to pupils and parents needs to be changed. UKIP would also introduce more vocational subjects into all schools to encourage children with practical skills that would give them the start they need for a career in industries such as IT, Engineering, Building and manufacturing.

We need to bring long term, well-paying jobs into the area.  The South East gets the funding & the jobs – let’s change that and bring business to this wonderful area.


Voters urged to register as Wythenshawe general election candidates are announced

30264918325_3b2a09305c_mWith four weeks to go to the general election, Wythenshawe’s candidates have been announced today.

As expected, Mike Kane will defend the seat we first won in a by-election in 2013 for Labour. The party launched it’s election campaign earlier this week.

Fiona Green, who contested the seat in the 2015 general election has been chosen again as the candidate for the Conservative Party and William Jones, from Timperley will represent the Liberal Democrats.

Dan Jerome is the candidate for the Green Party  and UKIP will be represented by Mike Bayley-Sanderson.  There will also be an independent candidate, Luckson Francis Augustine.

Manchester City Council has warned that people will not be able to vote on 8 June unless they have registered by Monday 22 May, and anyone who has moved recently should ensure their address details are correct.

Anyone who is on the electoral register can also register to vote by post or choose to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf – particularly as the upcoming General Election falls during the holiday season.

Applications for a postal vote must be received by 5pm on 23 May.

The deadline to appoint a proxy is 5pm on 31 May.

Anyone wishing to register can visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote to download a registration form.

Joanne Roney OBE, Returning Officer for Manchester, said: “It is important that everyone in this city has a voice and that they have their voice heard, but to do this it is vital that you are registered to vote. Anyone who is not registered is urged to do so as soon as possible to make sure you can use your vote on 8 June.”

Wythenshawe MP hits back at UKIP claims that 16-year-olds are too gullible to vote

kaneLabour’s Wythenshawe MP, Mike Kane, has blasted UKIP’s deputy leader for suggesting 16-year-olds are too naive and gullible to be given the vote.

UKIP’s Paul Nuttall says he is against Labour’s plans to reduce the voting age to 16, should they win the general election, claiming they don’t have enough life experience to make sound judgements when voting.

Mr Nutall said:”It is perfectly obvious why Labour have committed to introducing this measure within a year of taking power – naive youngsters tend to have Utopian dreams of life and can be more gullible.

“They are also subjected to pro-EU propaganda lessons which is a ethically wrong and is also an abuse of taxpayers money. As they grow older and experience first hand making their way in the world they are better able to make reasoned judgements.

But Mr Kane, hit back saying young people are becoming more engaged and should be given the vote.

He said: “I am not sure what Mr Nuttall means about 16 year olds having no life experience. He himself is no horny handed son of toil.

“As I go around the constituency visiting schools, our youth groups and youth council I find young people who are engaged and interested in politics, organising clean ups and working to change the area in which they live for the better. Why shouldn’t they be entitled to vote?”

Mr Nutall added: “There is no doubt that young people should be encouraged to vote, after all today’s changes affect their tomorrows, but instead of lowering the age limit they should be properly educated about the relevance of politics to their lives,” he said.


UKIP hopeful calls for EU exit, scrapping the bedroom tax, return of grammar schools and immigration clampdown

IMG00074-20140125-0937UKIP candidate, John Bickley has launched his campaign for the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election calling for the UK to pull out of the European Union, the return of grammar schools, the scrapping of the bedroom tax and a clampdown on immigration. Continue reading “UKIP hopeful calls for EU exit, scrapping the bedroom tax, return of grammar schools and immigration clampdown”