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Local elections: Greens win another council seat in Woodhouse Park

Astrid Johnson with Rob Nunney

The Green Party has taken another seat from Labour in this year’s Manchester council elections.

Astrid Johnson took the council seat from Labour’s Sarah Judge who had represented Woodhouse Park for Labour since 2015.

Sarah Judge

Ms Johnson joins fellow Green, Rob Nunney who was elected to represent the ward last year.

This year’s result was close with the Greens taking the seat with 1345 votes against Labour’s 1345. The turnout in the ward was 24 per cent.

The Green victory in Woodhouse Park was the only change at Manchester City Council where Labour remain firmly in control. Elsewhere in Wythenshawe Tommy Judge, Paul Andrews, Sue Cooley and Angela Moran won for Labour in Sharston, Baguley, Brooklands and Northenden respectively.

In Trafford, Labour retained control, with the Conservative Group leader losing his seat in Timperley to the Liberal Democrats. Labour and the Greens also took a seat each from the Conservatives.

In Stockport, the council remains in no overall control with a swing to the Liberal Democrats.

Nationally, it was a bad night for the Conservatives, who lost control of nine councils with the former Tory strongholds of Westminster and Wandsworth councils falling to Labour. Labour gained five councils and Liberal Democrats two.

A full list of Manchester’s council results can be found here.

Brexit: Wythenshawe MP defies Labour leader over “People’s Vote” bid

KaneThe government is planning a new vote on Brexit tomorrow after eight proposals failed to get a majority in Parliament last night.

Wythenshawe MP Mike Kane defied instructions from the Labour Party leadership to support a call for a second referendum on Brexit.

The referendum proposal was one of eight options put to MPs in an attempt to finally work out what Parliament might vote for and not just what it might vote against. But the result was a rejection of all eight options.

Mike Kane, Labour’s Shadow Schools Minister,  did not vote either way on a call for a second referendum. He backed Labour’s alternative Brexit plan. Mr Kane has previously said a second referendum would be a “poor choice”.

A number of other shadow ministers also failed to take part in the vote, including Gloria De Piero, Jim McMahon, Tracy Brabin and Jo Platt.

However, the rebels are not expected to be disciplined by Labour whips.

According to Politics Home, Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn wrote to his MPs saying his first priority was to deliver the Labour Brexit plan – after frontbenchers raised concerns

He urged them to support the amendment to “keep the option of a public vote on the table”, saying it was worth supporting the bid to “stop a disastrous no deal or May’s unacceptable deal”.

The second referendum option, proposed by Labour grandee, Dame Margaret Beckett was the most popular with MPs, with 268 voting in favour. 5.9 million people have signed a petition calling for another vote including more than 8,000 in Wythenshawe.

What were the proposals and how did Mike Kane vote on them?

Against –  NO DEAL.  The legal default if no deal is agreed. No trade terms and no transition.The motion proposed leaving the European Union without a deal on April 12. 160 for, 400 against.

ForCOMMON MARKET 2.0.  proposing UK membership of the European Free Trade Association and European Economic Area. Committed to free movement of people through participation in the single market, and a “comprehensive customs arrangement”. The scheme would be in place until another trade deal guaranteeing frictionless movement of goods and an open border in Ireland. 188 for, 283 against.

Did not voteSOFT BREXIT THROUGH EFTA AND THE EEA. Remaining within the EEA and rejoining EFTA, but remaining outside a customs union with the EU. 65 for, 377 against.

ForCUSTOMS UNION. Forcing the government to negotiate a “permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union with the EU” in any Brexit deal. Regarded as a “softer” Brexit that would solve the Northern Ireland border issue. 264 for, 272 against.

ForLABOUR’S ALTERNATIVE PLAN. Plan for a close economic relationship with the EU, including a comprehensive customs union, with a UK say on future trade deals. Close alignment with the single market; matching new EU rights and protections; participation in EU agencies and funding programmes; and agreement on future security arrangements, including access to the European Arrest Warrant. 237 for, 307 against.

Did not voteCANCEL BREXIT. Under this proposal, if the Government failed to pass a deal, there would be a vote on a no-deal Brexit two sitting days before the scheduled date of departure – early April. If MPs refuse to authorise no-deal, the Prime Minister would be required to halt Brexit by revoking Article 50. 184 for, 293 against.

Did not vote –  SECOND REFERENDUM. a public vote to confirm any Brexit deal passed by Parliament before its ratification.Tabled by former foreign secretary Dame Margaret Beckett. 268 for, 295 against.

AgainstSTANDSTILL ARRANGEMENT. Calls for the Government to seek to agree “preferential” trade arrangements with the EU. This would be for a period of two years during which time Britain would contribute to the EU budget. 139 for, 422 against.










Labour’s John McDonnell launches May Day celebrations and declares: “We are going into government”

Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell launched Manchester’s May Day celebrations declaring Labour is ready for government.

Mr McDonnell spoke at the beginning of a week of events aimed at marking the 150th anniversary of the Trades Union Congress which began in Manchester.

He said he didn’t know when it would come, believing the government will attempt to cling on to power for as long as possible, but is confident Labour will win the general election whenever it happens.

The left-winger promised Labour would bring in a fair taxation system, a crackdown on tax evasion, the introduction of a “real living wage of £10 an hour” and the repeal of anti-trade union union laws.


Sunday’s May Day events also included talks on The Original Gig Economy – A Musician’s Perspective on the Challenges of Freelancing hosted by the Musicians Union, and the forthcoming McStrike when workers at McDonalds on Oxford Road will join with stores across the country in a strike against low pay.

On Saturday 5th May at the Mechanics Institute there’s also a performance of  We Are the Lions, Mr Manager, a play about the the 1976 Grunwick  strike (click here for tickets and further details).

On Monday 7th May Manchester TUC will be joining with Salford Trades Council for a May Day march.

Wythenshawe MP wants more Catholics to stand for office as he helps launch new group

wp-1478947269179.jpegWythenshawe MP, Mike Kane is to launch a “Catholics for Labour” group at the party’s annual conference this weekend.

The shadow schools minister, is among eight Catholic Labour MPs who will establish the group at the 5pm Mass at the Church of St Mary Magdalen in Brighton on Sunday. Continue reading “Wythenshawe MP wants more Catholics to stand for office as he helps launch new group”