Wythenshawe police praise victims’ bravery as sex predator is jailed

mageeWythenshawe police have praised the bravery of child abuse victims who have helped put a 75-year-old sexual predator behind bars for 25 years. 

Duncan McGee of Mansion Drive in Liverpool was found guilty of 17 counts of rape and indecent assault on three children – two boys and a girl – aged between six and 14 in South Manchester between 1967 and 1974.

Detective Sergeant Suzanne Keenaghan based at Wythenshawe Police Station said: “McGee is a sexual predator and got his kicks out of abusing those who are vulnerable. He continuously assaulted these children at whatever opportunity he could take and made their young lives a misery, ruining their childhood.

“However, despite suffering for years, the victims showed bravery in coming forward and reporting what had happened to them to police which led to McGee’s arrest in January 2013.

“This case proves that we will take all reports of abuse seriously, no matter when it took place, and we will thoroughly investigate the claims of victims. It also proves to those committing the crimes that we will leave no stone unturned and justice will eventually catch up with you.”

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