Wythenshawe union man warns of further NHS strikes unless health workers get their pay rise

20141013_090315NHS workers at Wythenshawe Hospital joined thousands across the country in a four hour strike over pay.

Workers from six unions including, for the first time in their history, midwives, walked out this morning (Oct 13) between 7am and 11am.

The strike is over the government’s refusal to implement a pay deal of 1% on top of increments for skills and length of service recommended by an independent panel.

It means many nurses, midwives and other health workers will get no rise if they are getting an increment.

The government says it can’t afford the rise which it says would cost thousands of jobs if honoured.

But unions say the money is there to give health workers a decent rise.
Mental health worker David Rouen, a Unison shop steward at Wythenshawe,  said: “It is our democratic right to have a pay rise like any other organisation. MPs are getting 11 per cent while health workers get one per cent or nothing. Food bills have gone up by 28 per cent and wages haven’t gone up at all.”

Pickets were well received at Wythenshawe Hospital, with motorists tooting in support and wishing them luck.

The four hour strike is part of five days of industrial action which includes a work to rule and Mr Rouen warned there could be further action if the government will not negotiate.

The strike took place as Incomes Data Services revealed that private sector bosses pay has risen by 21 per cent over the last year.

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