REVIEW: Return to the Forbidden Planet @ the Palace, Manchester

Return of The Forbidden Planet
Return toThe Forbidden Planet

Get down to the Palace Theatre and set your phasers to rock ‘n’ roll for one of best shows in town in a fitting 25th anniversary celebration of this incredible phenomenon.

The unlikely combination of sci-fi, comedy, Shakespeare and great music makes for a wonderful showcase for the talents of a truly amazing cast who are giving it everything in the last week of their nationwide tour.

No-one can be faulted in this production, based on the classic 1950s sci-fi film, Forbidden Planet, which is loosely based on Shakespeare’s the Tempest.

It is proof positive of the validity of the old saying that if you are going to go for it… really go for it. It manages to cram in as many Shakespearean references as you can imagine and host of classic rock numbers with tongue firmly in cheek.

And despite an initially reticent crowd at the Palace, by the end of the show, everyone was up on their feet joining in the fun .

There doesn’t appear to be a musical talent these cast members don’t have, but there were stand-out performances from Mark Newnham as the long-suffering Cookie, whose guitar solo is just out of this world.

And Sarah Scowen also impresses as the virgin and would-be homecoming queen, Miranda.

The show runs till Saturday. So if you need cheering up after the election … see it.

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