Teenage rape victims were abused in Wythenshawe flat

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Two vulnerable teenagers were passed around by a gang of men and raped while the girls were so drunk they were passing out and vomiting.

Brothers, Giash and Shamin Uddin and Robert Jackson were convicted of offences against girls in the care system aged 14 and 15, following a trial at Manchester Crown Court lasting more than six weeks.

Shamin Uddin, 26 of Bostock Walk, Chorlton on Medlock was convicted of two rapes, two attempted rapes and one count of sexual activity with a child. He was cleared of two further rape allegations.

Giash “Gee” Uddin, 27, of Lincombe Court, Wythenshawe was convicted of sexual activity with a child.

Robert “Hag” Jackson, 23, of Bramwell Drive, Chorlton on Medlock was convicted of rape.

The vulnerable girls who were frequently missing from home were taken to houses in Wythenshawe, Ardwick and hotels in Greater Manchester where they were abused.

The offences took place between 2009 and 2011. The court was told that to the rebellious youngsters, drink, drugs and the promise of an exciting time with older men made for a potent cocktail that would overwhelm them.

The court was told the girls were bought presents by the men and given food, alcohol and drugs. The men had sex with the girls while they were so drunk that they were falling over and feeling sick.

The court was told the girls were continually missing from home and were targeted because they were young immature and vulnerable.

They were taken to wild house parties, sometimes lasting for days, attended by large numbers of men and were expected to have sex with them.

One of the girls was held down and brutally raped by Robert Jackson on a bed in his parents’ bedroom. She was shouting out “stop you’re hurting me” but was told to shut up. She tried to put a pillow over her head but it was pulled away as Jackson carried out the attack.

Shortly after this, the court was told, the girl had sex with Giash Uddin “to keep him happy” because she thought it was the only way she could get him to take her home. But the jury could not agree a verdict on whether he had raped her. The charge will lie on file.

Jackson’s brother, Scott was also alleged to have attacked the girl on the same night, but the jury cleared him of rape.

The jury failed to reach a verdict on another count against Uddin of trafficking for sexual exploitation. That charge will also lie on file.

And it has emerged Giash Uddin is already serving an eight year prison sentence for possessing a gun. The conviction can only be reported now and was never revealed to the jury.

One of the girls, raped by Shamin Uddin at his brother’s flat in Lincombe Court, Wythenshawe,  aged 15, was lying nearly passed out on a bed crying and being sick. She said she felt dirty and wasted and wanted him to get off and was so drunk she couldn’t talk.

Sham also raped a girl at a house in Ardwick, while she was overwhelmed by drink and drugs. He held her by the wrists while she was “really, really poorly” and she vomited after the rape.

On another occasion, Sham gave the girl a bottle of vodka to drink and took her to a hotel in Longsight where she was held down while thee men attempted to rape her. The girl was so drunk she couldn’t have sex.

One of the teenagers was so distressed she wrote desperate messages all over the walls of her bedroom.

Her mother was “at her wits end”, the court heard, as she realised what was happening. The court heard she had tried to tell her daughter she was being groomed by the men, but she refused to listen.

After going through her daughter’s phone, when she went missing, the mother found a number attributed to Sham and spoke to a man, telling him: “What are you doing, my daughter is only 15 years old.”

The girls identified the Uddins and Jackson following the launch of a police investigation. One of the girls took police to the Gee’s flat in Wythenshawe where they found used condoms and jewellery.

Giash Uddin was arrested and at first denied knowing the girls in a prepared statement and made no comment in police interviews. He later admitted in court he had lied and that he had sex with one of the girls but claimed it was consensual.

Robert Jackson was arrested at this girlfriend’s house in Woodhouse Park. He said he had been in an on-off relationship with his girlfriend. The court heard his girlfriend now says she wants nothing more to do with him.

All three men will be sentenced on September 9.

Shahab Uddin, aged 25, of Bostock Walk, Chorlton on Medlock and Scott Jackson of Bramwell Drive, Chorlton on Medlock were both cleared of rape.

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