Businessman bids for funds for invention to put brakes on bike thefts

obaidah-and-bike-2A Wythenshawe entrepreneur is hoping his brand new invention will help to cut cycle thefts in Manchester and across the UK.

Obaidah Sheikh, 22, came up with the idea for the ‘Stingray’ after having his own bike stolen three times – once by a gang of men who pushed him to the floor.

The device, which has launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, combines a powerful front light with a motion sensor which triggers a 140db alarm – right into the face of the crook.

Obaidah said: “The main problem with a stolen bike, is once the thief is around the first corner, no-one knows it’s a stolen bike.

“With Stingray, everyone will know the bike is stolen, because of the device’s position on the handlebars the alarm will blast into the thief’s face. 140db louder than a jet taking off so it will very soon become uncomfortable.”

Obaidah is trying to raise £50K on the crowdfunding platform, to bring Stingray into mainstream production.

The rechargeable device will feature a high-quality front light with five different operating modes, a USB chargeable lithium battery and up to 10 hours of operating time.

It features a quick-release lock for easy removal, but when armed – by a radio transmitter key fob – an internal electronic deadbolt secures it in place.

Obaidah added: “Stingray is an ideal urban bicycle light combined with a motion-based alarm system. The key focus is to give the rider the most effective layers of security. A loud siren acts as the deterrent, whilst the impact resistant design and internal electronics keep Stingray from being tampered with.”

Figures released earlier this year show Manchester to have double the national average of bike thefts.

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