REVIEW: The Full Monty@ The Opera House, Manchester

ltor-anthony-lewis-chris-fountain-kai-owen-gary-lucy-louis-emerick-andrew-dunn-in-the-full-monty-credit-matt-crockettThe critically acclaimed stage adaptation of the 90s hit movie, The Full Monty is back in Manchester this week and will not disappoint its legion of fans.

Some imaginative staging and clever reversioning of Simon Beaufoy’s story makes for a show which is almost as good as the film.

I say almost because although the production is a joy to watch most of the time and is big on fun and laughs, the more poignant and touching moments seem to get lost at times.However, that may be down to a very enthusiastic audience rather than anything that happened on stage.

And there is no doubt that the story of six out-of-work Sheffield steelworkers with nothing to lose, still resonates today, featuring the iconic songs from the film by Donna Summer, Hot Chocolate and Tom Jones.

Gary Lucy’s performance as central character Gaz, who comes up with the plan to stage the strip show to raise cash so he can continue to see his son, grew on me once I got used to his slightly dodgy accent.

Andrew Dunn as the desperate ex-foreman forced to throw in his lot with the men he is used to looking down on is excellent. And they are ably supported by a strong cast including Louis Emerick, Anthony Lewis and Chris Fountain.


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