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REVIEW: Impossible @ The Palace, Manchester


Some of the world’s greatest illusionists are united in  fast-paced stage spectacular – which is fluid, extremely entertaining and very funny, featuring death-defying stunts, technological trickery, grand stage illusions and close-up magic

Fresh from its hit run in London’s West End, Impossible tells the history of magic told through a wide range of impressive magicians, including a daredevil and mind reader.

The show is interactive,  with comedy performer Lee Thompson, who has entertained on stage, screen and TV for over 25 years, starring in shows for Cirque du Soleil, Mugler Follies in Paris, Cannes and Hollywood, getting the whole audience performing a trick together.
One to watch is  Magical Bones, the hip hop magician whose card act was a brilliant illustration to the music set by DJ Yoda. Starting out in the music industry as a dancer for the likes of Madonna and the Black Eyed Peas, Bones has since turned his attention to wowing the public with expert sleight-of-hand. He doesn’t disappoint.
Audience participation features heavily in the show and every time we saw the house lights turned on to seek out their next audience participation victim we hid in fear, but secretly wanting to be welcomed on stage and experience the magic close up.
Chris Cox mind reading audience members was highly impressive and baffling  and escapologist Jonathan Goodwin whose performances gave a nod to Harry Houdini set the stage alight, quite literally.
The only negative is over sexualised illusion act performed by the only female illusionist, Josephine Lee which  was the weakest part of the show. It was a shame Josephine didn’t didn’t fly the flag for equality.
Ben Hart magician and magician designer was an absolute treat, when he joined the audience just a couple of rows in front of us and enlisted the help of two young boys to join in his magic act. He said to one of them: “You have a great grasp of imaginary, don’t lose that as you get older” and in this show we were all taken into a journey of imagination, illusion and magic.
It is a fantastic night out and comes highly recommended.

Runs till Saturday March 26.

Gemma Bowden