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COVID 19: Manchester Convention Centre to become 1,000 bed hospital

Pic: John Duffy

NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens’ announcement today of a new temporary hospital at Manchester Central Convention Centre, to help cope with the increase demands on the health service during the Covid 19 outbreak.

The temporary field hospital will be fitted with 1,000 beds  with the armed forces working with the NHS for its construction.

Sir Simon said:”These are extraordinary steps the NHS is taking, and clinicians, managers and military planners are working day and night to create, equip and staff these hospitals from scratch and prepare for the surge that is likely to be coming.

“While we continue to pull out all the stops, we do need the public to play their part. Every single person in this country can make a difference by following the medical advice to the letter – stay at home, wash your hands, which will help stop the virus letting rip and will therefore save lives.”

Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council, said: “As the owners of Manchester Central Convention Complex, we have worked with the Ministry of Defence and health services to make the building urgently available for this vital use. The need to establish this new hospital underlines the serious nature of the Covid-19 pandemic we all face but also shows how seriously it is being responded to and I hope the public are reassured by the swiftness of this action.”

Manchester council leaders plead with MPs to reject No Deal Brexit

Manchester Council Leader, Sir Richard Leese

Manchester council’s leadership has joined leaders from England’s five core cities to plead with MPs to reject leaving the EU without a deal.

MPs are voting tonight on whether to rule out a No Deal Brexit following the Prime Minister’s defeat yesterday of her proposed withdrawal agreement.

Manchester says they are concerned about the impact of No Deal on the region and in particular its effect on Manchester Airport. Continue reading “Manchester council leaders plead with MPs to reject No Deal Brexit”