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Manchester stands with London in tribute to terror attack victims

WythenshawCllr-Sue-Murphy-2012-190x190e councillor and Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, Sue Murphy has announced a vigil will take place tonight at Manchester Town Hall in solidarity with the people of London and in remembrance of those who lost their lives and were injured during yesterday’s attack.

During the vigil on Albert Square, the town hall will be lit red, white and blue, and the flag will fly at half-mast in tribute. Continue reading “Manchester stands with London in tribute to terror attack victims”

Wythenshawe school principal back home after Westminster terror ordeal

MEAThe principal of a Wythenshawe academy school is back home safe with his family after he was caught up in yesterday’s terror attack in Westminster.

James Eldon, Principal of Manchester Enterprise Academy in Wythenshawe, was in the House of Commons as the horror unfolded in which five people died 40 were injured.

Mr Eldon was meeting with Education Minister Nick Gibb MP to discuss the Academy and education issues. Continue reading “Wythenshawe school principal back home after Westminster terror ordeal”

Councillor condemns Ryanair for charging terrified passengers caught up in terror attacks €6000 to get home

IMG_7125A Wythenshawe councillor stranded in a Brussels airport, in the wake of terror attacks in the city,  has blasted Ryanair after a group of 28 terrified passengers was asked to pay more than €6000 to get home.

Cllr Webb travelled to Brussels this morning, leading a delegation of 28 people to meet North West MEPs. The group had paid a total of £560 for the flights to Charlerois Airport.

But the councillor says when they tried to arrange flights home their airline, Ryanair wanted to charge them more than €6000. Continue reading “Councillor condemns Ryanair for charging terrified passengers caught up in terror attacks €6000 to get home”

Wythenshawe councillor caught up in Brussels terror attacks

Webb__C_2015A Wythenshawe councillor,  stranded at a Brussels airport in the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks on has paid tribute to the victims.

Cllr Chris Webb, who represents Northenden, was leading  a delegation to the European Parliament to meet North West MEPs in Brussels and was stranded at Charlerois airport.



Cllr Webb told the Wythenshawe Reporter, his flight operator, Ryanair wanted more than  €6000 for a flight home after his visit to the European Parliament had been cancelled.

He said: “After over three hours of calling customer services with no luck it looks like all places are booked for tonight. However our problems are insignificant compared to the tragic loss of life today in Brussels.”

He had just boarded his plane to Brussels South Charlerois airport as news was breaking of explosions at the other main airport in the city.

At least 27 people are reported to have been killed in two explosions in the departure lounge of the airport and another attack on the Maelbeek metro station close to EU buildings.

Manchester City Council leader, Sir Richard Leese, condemned the atrocity. He said: “We, like the rest of the world, are again in shock to hear of the attack in Brussels. Extreme violence like this resonates through the cities of the world, but we must hold on to the ideals of peace at these terrible times. Our sympathy is with the families of those affected and our solidarity with the people of Belgium.”

Brussels is currently in a state of lockdown and scheduled events at the European Parliament  were cancelled.

The Wythenshawe Reporter contacted Cllr Webb who was safe and said he was organising flights to return home.

Manchester Airport has stepped up its police presence but there is no intelligence to suggest there is a heightened level of threat of attack.