Burglar is caught by police after breaking into “trap house”

A teenager who broke into a house in Wythenshawe was nabbed in a police sting.

Callum Anthony David Latham, aged 19, burgled the house on Royal Oak Road and helped himself to a Playstation 3 and cash.

But in fact Latham had broken into a police “trap house”, set up in response to a spate of burglaries in the area.

Greater Manchester Police had bought the house from Parkway Green housing trust, installed CCTV cameras and stocked it with items which had been photographed and tagged.

Police looked at footage of the break-in which showed Latham and another offender breaking in.

Latham took £10 in cash from the kitchen and a games console from the living room.

Manchester Crown Court was told Latham had previous offences for dishonesty including theft from his own grandmother.

Mr Recorder Stuart Driver said he was prepared to give him a chance and sentenced him to a community order.

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