Northenden Primary School closed following Halloween fire

Northenden Primary School will be closed for at least a week following a fire on the evening of Halloween.

The fire started some time before 9pm and local residents called the Fire Service. Four fire crews took control of the blaze which was isolated to the roof of the school hall.

Head Teacher,  Ian Beard, said the school will be closed next week and advised parents to make child care arrangements from November 3rd.

Mr Beard said on the school’s website: “Thanks to the efforts of the fire crews, the damage appears to be isolated to the roof of the school hall which has pretty much been destroyed and is now left open to the elements.  Surprisingly, the interior of the hall has been affected very little, other than smoke and heat damage, burnt debris which has fallen from the ceiling and roof, and inevitable water damage, mainly to the wooden floor and walls.  Classrooms and the office areas appear to be unaffacted at this stage.

“Whilst this is a critical incident which will clearly affect the school for some time, we need to be thankful that no-one was injured, that we have not lost more of our school building and that the incident will not seriously affect (given a little time to clear up) our core purpose of teaching and learning.”

Fire officers and police will investigate the cause of the fire which is currently unknown

Mr Beard thanked parents,  staff and governors for their help and support and said information on when the school will reopen will be posted on its website.

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