Former Wythenshawe head banned from teaching over dishonesty about sacking

A former Wythenshawe head teacher has been banned from teaching after failing to disclose to her new employer she had been sacked for gross misconduct.

Lesley Haslam lost her job at Haveley Hey Primary School in Benchill in 2010 for gross misconduct amid allegations of bullying staff and abusing a pupil.

And when she applied for a new job at Christian Malford Church of England Primary School in Wiltshire she kept the dismissal from her new employer and was appointed as head teacher for the school.

When information about Ms Haslam’s past came to light she was immediately suspended and subject to disciplinary action.

A hearing conducted by the National College for Teaching and Leadership was held in  in her absence after Ms Haslam said she would not be attending or be represented.

The panel found Ms Haslam’s conduct amounted to unacceptable professional conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute. The hearing found she had acted dishonestly in not telling her new school about her past.

She has been banned from teaching for at least two years, after which she can apply to have the judgment set aside.

The judgment said: “Ms Haslam’s actions have demonstrably brought the profession into disrepute. Her  appointment to the role of Head Teacher at Malford School when she had not disclosed the fact of her previous dismissal resulted in a substantial adverse reputational impact on Malford School, whose position in the local community was already difficult, and some parents appear to have removed their children from the school as a result.

“Both as a teacher and, in particular, as a Head Teacher Ms Haslam is a role model for pupils and young people. Her actions fell significantly short of those expected of such a person.”

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