Police urge residents to light up their homes to keep burglars in the dark

Photo 1Greater Manchester Police  is urging residents to light up their homes and keep burglars well and truly out in the dark this winter.

The clocks go back on Sunday 28th October 2018 which marks the start of darker nights for neighbourhoods up and down the country.

Despite a reduction in burglaries over the past 12 months, GMP is warning residents that an increase in burglaries usually arises at this time of year because houses are left in darkness.

Figures also show that one in three burglaries occur as a result of homes being insecure.

By following simple advice such as setting light timers, locking doors and windows and setting alarms, residents can divert burglars away from their homes.

Other key advice includes keeping valuables well hidden and keys away from doors and cat flaps.

During the dark nights, neighbourhood officers will be stepping up patrols in hotspot areas and knocking on the doors of homes that have been left insecure.

Known offenders will be targeted to deter them from committing crime and crime prevention information will be distributed to residents.

Superintendent David Pester, Greater Manchester Police Force Lead for Burglary, is reminding residents to take the necessary measures to put burglars off.

He said: “The clocks going back gives burglars more opportunity to commit burglaries under the hours of darkness.

“Homes become particularly vulnerable at this time of year because when residents go out they leave their homes in darkness, so it’s important that people set light timers or leave lights on when they can to give the impression that someone is at home.

“Also, around 60% of burglaries are as a result of homes being insecure so I’d like to remind residents to lock their doors and windows and set alarms if they have one.”

David added: “Burglars can strike at any time so it’s important that people secure their homes even when they are in the house. By following this simple advice, homes will be a less attractive target to thieves.”

To report any suspicious activity, please contact Greater Manchester Police on 101. In an emergency, please dial 999.

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