Wythenshawe postal workers on strike over “bullying”

Postal workers in Wythenshawe are on  strike in a fight over management “bullying

Members of the CWU union at the Royal Mail delivery office in Wythenshawe voted to strike after managers disciplined two workers.

Two days of strike action are planned for today and Monday February  25th,  by the CWU in response to “two instances of unacceptable use of the conduct code” over recent months, which, according to unit rep Phil Tickle, “are just two specific examples of widespread historic and continuing unacceptable and unnecessary behaviour of management towards staff.”

One member was disciplined for reporting sick with stress, while another faced action for allegedly posting a complaint of management bullying on social media.

“But we believe that in both of these instances, the actions of the manager here was completely unfair, unjustified and related to circumstances entirely created by the manager and the unacceptable regime imposed here,” said Phil.

 “One of them was given a suspended dismissal and both were given compulsory transfers – but it’s the view of the members here that management were completely at fault and that these are the latest in a long line of frankly unacceptable management actions here that go back several years.”

Wythenshawe DO. has been subject to two separate mediation processes over the past three years, but the full recommendations of the mediation team have not been concluded, explains CWU area delivery rep Kieran Regan.

 “It’s become almost as if the management are allowed to make up their own rules and apply them however they seem fit – and this is totally unacceptable,” says Kieran.

Two weeks ago, members at the office returned an 88 per cent majority for strike action and the union’s postal executive have endorsed the two strike days.

Phil says that “there is still time for the business to avoid the action, but they must urgently address this situation.

“There are up to 39 statements from staff about the unacceptable behaviour which have never been addressed,

“We have a management team who seem to believe they are not bound by our national agreements and procedures, but feel they are unaccountable and can do whatever they want,” said Phil.
“This cannot and will not be allowed to continue and members are determined to deliver the justice we all expect and demand.

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