How radio presenter and DJ turned tables on diabetes at last year’s Wythenshawe Games

Dave CoxWith this year’s Wythenshawe Games now underway, radio DJ David Cox tells how a health check at last year’s games turned his life around.

Mr Cox, aged 49, is a  well-known figure  in Wythenshawe from his work on community radio station WFM and his DJing career. Last year, while doing interviews for the station, he was encouraged to have a health check as part of the Wythenshawe Games. The results – and a diagnosis of type two diabetes – led to an lifestyle overhaul. Gone are the days of chips and ready meals as David has tackled his condition through diet and medication – and rediscovered his energy to boot.  This is his story… 

“I didn’t really want to have a health check, if I’m honest, but someone I know persuaded me and I plucked up the courage to do it.

“As soon as I’d had my blood test the staff on the health bus told me they were concerned about my blood sugar levels and advised me to go and see my GP as soon as possible.

“They gave me a slip of paper with the results – but I put off going to see my doctor. However, the team from the health bus had also written to my GP – who got in touch with me and asked me to come into the surgery for further tests.

“So, that’s what I did and I got a formal diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, which was completely unexpected. Now, when I look back on that time I realise that I was tired and had been very thirsty at times. But I didn’t think that was anything unusual, I’d just got used to it.

“Now though, I’ve been on medication which has made a huge improvement in my sugar levels. I’ve also adapted to change my diet and incorporate more exercise. I used to love chips, takeaways and burgers, but that’s all been replaced by things like brown pasta and rice. Getting a shock diagnosis like type 2 diabetes makes you reassess your lifestyle quickly so that you reduce the risk of damaging internal organs or falling into a diabetic coma.

“I was never one for a lot of exercise. But, I now do a lot of walking while I’m out interviewing people for the station and I’m pretty active as a DJ. For me, one of the best results has been rediscovering my energy. I now feel able to do a lot more and friends all tell me that I look three times better than I did. It can be up and down at times and I do still get tired – but at least I know why.

“If there’s anyone else at Wythenshawe Games this year, who might be considering  a health check, my advice is simple. Get yourself down there and get on the health bus – it could save your life.”

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